Parkinson’s Friendly Comfortable Shoes Trending 2024

The mobility issue is the most complicated situation for all Parkinson’s patients. If you have an elderly in your family or are a caregiver, then you already know it. However, the most difficult situation that a Parkinson’s patient faces are getting dressed. That’s why you should buy easily wearable outfits for them, such as casual dresses and comfortable shoes. In addition, the reviews of the Top 6 best shoes for Parkinson’s patients will help you to get one.

Best Shoes for Parkinson's Patients

Different shoe production brands produce comfortable shoes that are designed for Parkinson’s patients. The easy wearing and putting off system makes those shoes more competitive than the regular shoes.

We search for the best shoes from different brands and find the next shoes perfect for Parkinson’s patients. Let me provide detailed information about these shoes in the review section for your consideration.

Best footwear for Parkinson’s sufferer’s review

The best shoes for Parkinson’s patients’ reviews have listed the top six comfortable and easily wearable shoes for you. So let’s dive into the products to find out which footwear for Parkinson’s patients best fits your elderly.

1. Cole Haan Men’s 2. Zerogrand Laser Wing Oxford

Cole Haan Men's 2. Zerogrand Laser

Are you looking for a pair of men’s shoes for Parkinson’s patients? Have a look at Cole Haan Men’s shoes for Parkinson’s patients. These shoes come in different sizes, and they all are true to their sizes. So, you can order the shoes according to the usual size of your elderly. The Black Leather/Black color makes these shoes match casual or business outfits. In addition, 100% leather shoes with rubber soles give long-lasting durability.

You can enjoy free returns on some specific sizes or colors of shoes. The fully padded sole lining ensures ultimate comfort for Parkinson’s patients. However, the 2.0 zero grand technology adds lightness and ease to living while giving it a stunning appearance. The Grand OS technology on the full rubber outsole delivers optimal support and comfort. They are the most stylish and comfortable dress shoes for men.


  • Constructed with 100% leather and rubber materials to ensure durability.
  • Lightweight (10.2 ounces) footwear for ease of use.
  • Leather black/ black color compatible with casual or business dress.
  • The 2. Zerogrand laser wing technology provides maximum support.
  • Suitable for PD sufferers from different foot diseases.


  • Reduce fatigue from walking for orthopedic patients.
  • Provide superior arch support with adequate room in the toe box.
  • Breathable uppers ensure maximum comfort for your feet.
  • Provide arch support for adult users.
  • The 2. Zerogrand soles are light & flexible.


  • They can run one or a half size big after wearing them for a few days.

2. Dr. Comfort Carter Men’s Casual Shoe

Dr. Comfort Carter

Now, look at the best sneakers for Parkinson’s patients that is Dr. Comfort Carter Men’s Casual Shoe. These easy-to-care-for casual shoes will take you from the day to tonight. In addition, the Dr. Comfort Carter is a multipurpose, versatile men’s shoe with outstanding foot protection. These shoes are both machine washable and durable as well.

The Carter is made of lightweight stretch Lycra with a two-way contact closure for further flexibility and stability. They combine the latest materials, technology, and craftsmanship to provide comfortable and high-quality diabetic shoes. In addition, Dr. Comfort’s shoes come with detailed designs, shoe changes, 3D technologies, and gel insoles as standard.


  • The 14″ drop accommodates all kinds of foot problems.
  • Very lightweight and comfortable to put on or off.
  • The durable lycra fabric with a rubber outsole ensures stability.
  • Breathable and durable for everyday use.
  • Two-way contact closure for further flexibility and stability.


  • Reduce skin irritation thanks to the padded heel and tongue.
  • The Carter is built 14 inches deeper to accommodate foot abnormalities.
  • The gel insert technology ensures stability and comfort for elderly users.
  • It’s a shock-absorbing feature with additional support that helps adults with medical conditions.
  • The breathable Lycra material makes these compatible with machine wash.


  • Not suitable for big feet with a high instep.

3. Avia Avi-Union II Strap Velcro Non-Slip Shoes for Men

Avia Avi-Union II Strap Velcro Non Slip Shoes

If you need the best walking shoes for Parkinson’s patients, consider Velcro non-slip shoes for men. The thick rubber soles are designed with a slip and oil-resistant tread pattern that ensures a better grip. However, the shoes remain non-marking while preventing liquid and oil trapping in working places. They’re excellent travel walking shoes as well.

The anatomical heel cradle, compression-molded EVA midsole, and Avia’s Cantilever Technology mingled together. That stabilizes and centers the heel as well as offers excellent cushioning and shock absorption. However, the adjustable, sturdy, stay-put Velcro hook and loop closure technology make them great for the elderly who have trouble tying laces and adults with arthritis.


  • Velcro hook and loop closure technology ensure ease of use.
  • The 100% Synthetic Faux Leather rubber construction provides maximum support.
  • The slip and oil-resistant outsole make it perfect for working areas.
  • The compression-molded EVA midsole mechanism ensures comfortable cushioning.
  • Avia’s Cantilever technology absorbs shock while walking.


  • Slip-resistant thick rubber soles prevent liquid and oil traps.
  • These lightweight comfort shoes are suitable for working adults.
  • Included removable memory foam sock liner ensures personalized fits.
  • Relieve pressure from the foot and provide maximum comfort.
  • Suitable for adults, durable, and supportive as well.


  • The tongue may tear out after a couple of light walks.

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4. Women’s Walking Shoes Sock Sneakers

Women's Walking Sock Sneakers

Now let me introduce you to Women’s walking shoes by Slow Man. The breathable upper and lightweight knitted material makes them comfortable. However, they offer a great deal of flexibility and comfort for persons who suffer from plantar fasciitis, bunions, and other foot pain. In addition, they are ideal for walking, shopping, and fitness exercises.

The built-in MD sole offers anti-slip capabilities and abrasion resistance. That comes with elasticity, high cushioning, and softness. However, it can be bent freely and provides maximum support and comfort for elderly users. So if you’re loved one is a Parkinson’s patient but needs to stay on your feet for longer, choose these shoes with confidence.


  • Mesh fabric materials make it more comfortable for the elderly.
  • The rubber outsole provides stability and great support for adult feet.
  • Reduce fatigue and pain for Parkinson’s patients.
  • Breathable upper and inner construction ensures maximum comfort.
  • Lightweight shoes and comfortable to wear.


  • It comes with a perforated arch design to provide maximum arch support.
  • You can enjoy free returns on some specific sizes or colors.
  • The air-cushioned sole makes this shoe suitable for walking or standing.
  • Included breathable, durable, and lightweight upper provides maximum elasticity.
  • Anti-slip MD sole for maximum softness and supportive grip.


  • The removable insole may come hard.

5. Youyun Men Casual Footwear for the Elderly

Youyun Men's Wide Walking Shoes

Looking for shoes for Parkinson’s sufferers? Try Youyun men’s casual footwear for the elderly. It comes with a wear-resistant non-slip sole and anti-slip particle layer. That increases friction with the floor, holding the surface firmly and providing steady walking. In addition, the easily portable instep upper is extendable to the toe portion. That can be fixed firmly to provide stable walking for adults.

The flying weaved upper with stretch cotton makes this shoe ideal for elderly Parkinson’s patients. In addition, its built-in Velcro strap design provides maximum comfort and support for adult users. It fits perfectly around the ankle and ensures durability as well as stability. You can get these shoe sizes according to your or your loved ones’ actual size. It is suitable for Parkinson’s wheelchair users as well.


  • Flying weaved upper with stretch cotton makes these shoes breathable.
  • Comfortable and breathable shoes for men.
  • Adjustable Velcro straps ensure easy use.
  • The easily portable instep upper provides stability for walking.
  • Its built-in Velcro strap design provides maximum ankle support.


  • The instep makes walking stable and comfortable to put on or take off.
  • Flying is weaved upper, and the heel is reinforced to stop lameness.
  • Breathable and durable materials provide maximum comfort.
  • Suitable for individuals with versatile foot diseases.
  • The high-quality breathable textiles don’t stuff your feet.


  • Non-water resistant and not suitable for an outing in wet weather.

6. MBT Women’s Colorado X Rocker Bottom Walking Shoe

MBT Women's Colorado X

The MBT Women’s Colorado X Rocker Bottom shoes feature a sports line with a lace-up closure system. The built-in sensor technology improves walking pose for Parkinson’s patients. In addition, it absorbs shock during use. However, its lightweight feature ensures maximum comfort and reduces fatigue for its users. The rubber outsole provides maximum grip along with comfortable walking. In addition, you can choose your favorite color from its color variations.

The outer fabric upper makes it comfortable for walking. Its rocker bottom technology matches natural movement and ensures traditional walking stability at the same time. In addition, the curved sole provides maximum support for adult users. However, the PivotAxis system increases natural movement and balance. That activates leg muscles to ensure a good pose. The innovative shank and lasting board are designed to provide maximum comfort for its users.


  • The outer fabric upper makes this shoe comfortable.
  • Very lightweight that reduces fatigue for adult users.
  • Rubber-constructed outsole ensures maximum grip for your feet.
  • The PivotAxis technology increases natural movement and balances your walking pose.
  • Its built-in rocker bottom technology ensures excellent stability.


  • It comes with an excellent design.
  • The PivotAxis system increases natural movement and balance.
  • These shoes come with a sports line and a lace-up closure system.
  • Absorb shock while walking around.
  • The rocker-bottom technology provides a right-foot unique platform.
  • It transits into forwarding movement or propulsion while ensuring support.


  • The rolling motion (front to back) can cause knee pains.

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Purchasing Tips (What to Look for)

Choosing the best shoes for Parkinson’s patients among the many alternatives available is difficult. However, by considering the following aspects, you may make a smart and effective decision. This will assist you in selecting the best shoes for Parkinson’s patients.


First of all, check the breathability feature of your desired footwear. The Parkinson’s shoes come with great breathability features. That keeps the elders’ feet sweat-free, comfortable, and odor free at the same time.


Make sure your desired Parkinson’s shoes are flexible enough for your elderly. The easy-to-wear shoes are best for them because they face the most difficulty during getting dressed. So, flexible shoes are important to provide comfort for Parkinson’s patients.


Stability is another key feature to look for in Parkinson’s shoes. Most PD patients suffer from various foot problems and have a high risk of falling. The durable rubber outsole with a great grip ensures maximum stability and support for elderly patients.

System of Closure

Another important feature to consider when purchasing a new pair of Parkinson’s shoes is the closure system. Depending on your preference, choose between a lace-up or velcro strap closure mechanism. That ensures your elderly can easily put them on or down whenever they want.


Materials play a very important role in providing required services. Most Parkinson’s shoes come with leather, Rubber, synthetic fabric, stretch cotton, or other materials. That makes these shoes comfortable as well as durable. So, pick shoes with comfortable materials for easy grip and maximum support.


Let’s move on to the following aspect, which is the shoe’s protective feature. First, make sure the exterior material of your Parkinson’s shoe is durable and easy to put on. The outer rubber sole is a sensible forefoot protector that also protects the toes.


Another important factor for adult shoes is quality. Our top-picked shoes are designed to handle a wide range of exercises. So, for high-quality goods, look for structure, stitching, design, and materials. It’s a wise option to spend a bit more than average on the best Parkinson’s shoes.


Find out if your desired shoes have a water-resistant or weather feature. Then, whether you’ll be doing inside or outdoor activities, choose shoes that go well with the weather in your area.


Look for a Parkinson’s shoe that is extremely durable. For optimal durability, don’t skimp on the materials, including the inner sole, outer sole, and midsole, as well as the lining.

The Shoe’s Purpose

Before you buy a pair of shoes, find out what they’re used for. Walking, exercising, and other workouts are examples of various criteria. So, buy the shoes that will satisfy your needs with quality support and comfort as well.

The Drop

You should look for the drop of the shoe you want to buy for your elderly. The difference in height between the heel and the forefoot is indicated by the drop. That gives your foot support from heel to toe.

Which is the Best Footwear for Parkinson’s Patients?

First, we compared available Parkinson’s shoes based on their features, comfortability, support, materials, and easy-to-use system. Then we chose the above-mentioned shoes that are specially designed for Parkinson’s patients. The Cole Haan Men’s 2. Zerogrand Laser Wing Oxford, Dr. Comfort Carter Men’s Casual Shoe, Velcro nonslip shoes for men, and other three shoe options are best for Parkinson’s patients. So, pick the shoes that best fit your needs.

Final Verdict

Getting dressed is the most critical challenge for Parkinson’s patients. They suffer from different foot diseases due to PD. Therefore, they need to wear easy-to-use shoes for their everyday use rather than sandals. The best shoes for Parkinson’s patient review have listed the best six comfortable, durable, and supportive footwear options for your consideration.

So, study our review and find out the best-fit shoes for your loved elderly. We recommend you try your desired footwear among these shoes and share your personal opinion with us.

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