Best Comfortable Crutches for Non Weight Bearing

Are you in pain because of a foot injury or any kind of leg surgery? Are you searching for the most comfortable and best crutches for non weight bearing? yes, you can also find here the recovery for the broken angle of your post-intervention.

If your legs are injured and need time for recovery while giving almost 0% pressure on the foot, then using crutches non-weight bearing ones will be the best supportive accessories for the time period. 

Non weight bearing crutches

You might think that there isn’t a big difference between different types of non-weight-bearing crutches. But the best one that will fit perfectly, withstand weight & lessen pain isn’t easy to find among many choices.

To find the perfect solution to keep your mobility & sanity unaffected, we have compiled 7 versatile & crutches for Non-weight bearing rehabilitation. 

Check out our review of non-weight bearing crutches so that you wouldn’t be left guessing which one is going to work best for your needs!

Comparison Table for Non-Weight-Bearing Crutches

To choose the best crutches suitable for you, we have included a comparison table. This comparison table will help you to learn more about the differences between those crutches for non-weight bearing.

Comfortable crutches for Non-weight-bearingUser Weight Capacity User Height Range Product Weight
1.   iWALK3.0 hands-free crutch275 lbs5’1” – 6’2”4 pounds
2.   Drive Medical crutches for tall adults350 lbs5’8” – 6’5” 3.5 pounds
3.   KMINA forearm crutches275 lbs4’11” – 6’3″2.7 pounds
4.   Drive Medical Dual Pad Steerable Knee Walker300 lbsHandle height – 2’5” – 3’3”22 pounds
5.   Hugo Lightweight Adjustable Aluminum Crutches300 lbs5’2” – 5’10”3.9 pounds
6.   iWALK 2.0 Alternative to Crutches and Knee Scooters275lbs5’1” – 6’2”4.5 pounds
7.   Mobilegs Ultra Crutches300 lbs4’9” – 6’4”4 pounds

How to Use Crutches for Non Weight Bearing (video)

Our professional Review team has used these crutches & giving their honest opinions & reviews about those products here, be sure to check them out!

1. iWALK3.0 Hands-Free Crutch

iWALK3.0 Hands-Free Crutch

iWalk 3.0 hands-free crutches offer a great substitute for knee scooters & forearm crutches. In addition, it works as a hand & pain-free function for mobility. For your leg injury below your knees, iWalk 3.0 will be the right choice for you.

Furthermore, iWALK is a registered FDA & CE Class 1 certified medical device, so USA citizens & the rest of the people of the world can use this hands-free crutch without any worry. 

But as a basic requirement of using iWalk 3.0, you need to be eligible for two criteria – 

  1. If you can balance your uninjured leg for 30 seconds then you pass the Balance Test. 
  2. Another one is the Stair Test. Simply, if you can walk up & down on normal stairs before a leg injury happens, then you are eligible to use iWalk 3.0 naturally. 

Easy Assembly

Using the iWalk for the first time isn’t difficult. Furthermore, the iWalk 3.0 hands-free crutch comes with video instructions. 

In the video, you can learn how to assemble this hands-free crutch safely, with confidence & comfort. 

Adjustable & Easily Convertible

There are several adjustment options available for both upper & lower leg height independently. Also, it is easily convertible for either the left leg or right leg easily.

The dual-density pad is quite comfortable & adjustable for the knee platform. It’s non-slippery & replaceable. 

Why I Like it

  • Tool-free assembly will help users & make it a hands-free process.
  • Safety features like Age limits, different sizes & weight cap management make this hands-free crutch perfect for almost everyone.
  • Long-distance walking & short trips are quite comfortable with iWalker 3.0.
  • Middle straps are firmly secured & adjusted with almost no chaffing on knees using for a while.
  • User Manual & video tutorials make a great start for everyone & no prior knowledge is required.

Should be improve

  • Sometimes adjustable screws on the knees wear out when users use this crutch regularly for a long time.
  • Doesn’t fit perfectly when wearing a walking boot. The walking boot seems very tight.

2. Drive Medical Crutches for Tall Adults With Underarm Pad and Hand Grip

Drive Medical Crutches

The Drive Medical crutch is what we call one of the best crutches for hip surgery.  

 What makes this one best – 

  • Very lightweight, comparable to wooden sticks. 
  • Engineered professionally so that crutch provides the best durability & stability. 
  • Double extruded centre tube provides additional strength to weight-bearing areas. 

Correspondingly, wing nuts make this medical crutch easily adjustable for better hand grips. There are options available for replacing crutch tips if worn out. 

Very Comfortable

Underarm pads bear most of the weight & Drive Medical Crutches are manufactured with extra thick underarm pads. 

As a result, these latex-free pads & hands grips are very comfortable inaction while proving good balance. 

Easily Adjustable 

There’s no tool required for adjusting underarm pads. The height of the underarm pad can be adjusted easily with a push-button up to 1-inch increments. 

To ensure a proper fit, hand grips are also tool-free and separately adjustable for comfortable usage. 


  • Very high user weight capacity ensures usability for everyone, up to 350lbs.  
  • The aluminum-built frame ensures maximum durability & lightweight to use. 
  • Weight-bearing areas are well protected to provide additional strength by double extruded centre tube.
  • Latex-free underarm pads give a comfortable crunching experience to users.
  • Drive Medical crutch works the same as hospital ones. Suitable for everyone to use.

Should be improve

  • Hands & armpits become sore if you need to use them for a long time. 
  • The maximum adjustable height is for 5 feet 10 inches users. As a result, it is not suitable for higher heightened users. 

3. KMINA Forearm Crutches

KMINA Forearm Crutches

KMINA Forearm crutches come in an open cuff design for a comfortable, flexible & wide grip. The aluminium build not only increases the weight management of these crutches but also increases the stability while walking.

These adult forearm crutches are an ideal choice for post-injury rehabilitation & periods of recovery. With comfortable hand supports, this crutch reduces the pain of long-term usage in waists & hands. 

Quality Assurance

KMINA forearm Crutches are made in Spain, Europe. As a result, the manufacturers maintain the European Standard of Production. The aluminium build is very lightweight & grips are made of neoprene. 

That’s why quality remains top-notch among many other crutch manufacturer companies.  

Adjustable for Easy Adaptability

While walking, stability matters. The adjustable height of the crutch makes it stable while walking using KMINA forearm crutches. 

14 regulations of KMINA best forearm crutches for long-term use allow users to perfectly adapt to their required size. 

Hygienic & Germs-Free

The grips, padding are interchangeable & washable. Also, the grip is made from neoprene that is hygienic & remains germs-free while using. 


The reflective grips on the crutch work as a cushion for the hands & wrists & absorbs the hand pressure while moving.
The bar end part of the crutch is made of rubber & offers great traction on different surfaces.
User-friendly modern pin design on a clip helps attach the crutches than traditional crutches & canes.
A wide tip at the bottom & aluminium cane helps you remain stable while walking.
A modern & premium look gives a good feeling while using or holding KMINA forearm crutches.

Should be improve

  • Price is higher than other crutches in the market right now. 
  • Cushion cuffs on the handles are not the perfect size for big palms.

How to adjust Crutches properly

4. Drive Medical Dual Pad Steerable Knee Walker With Basket

Drive Medical Dual Pad Steerable Knee Walker

Drive Medical’s 796 model is ideal for both indoor & outdoor use. This American company focuses on quality equipment for superior mobility & an easy rehabilitation period for users.

This knee walker is a great alternative to crutches & ideal for individuals who are recovering from foot injuries like sprains, surgery, amputations, etc. 

The Main Advantages Of This Knee Walker over non-weight bearing crutches are – 

  • Wheels – it comes with extra-large wheels, enhancing versatility. 
  • Wire Basket – helpful for carrying items, especially when roaming on the mart. 
  • Brake – comes with a deluxe braking system for safety measurements. 

Furthermore, Drive Medical dual pad steerable knee walker comes with a warranty period. Brake cable problems, tire jams, or other technical problems are covered under the warranty policy. 

Weight Capacity

A lightweight design with a steel frame allows this scooter to carry a big weight for users. The weight limit for users is up to 300 lbs. 

An ideal weight limit capacity is probably the highest in this type of walker or crutches for non-weight bearing.

Adjustment of Height

Height ranges from 31” – 40” can be altered from the height of handles using a knob easily. For more convenience, the knee platform is adjustable too within 16.5” – 20.5” height. 

Not to mention, for users, the adjustments are fully tool-free, making it more user-friendly. 


Steel frame design with silver vein finish not only makes it durable & sturdy but also makes it look pretty stylish too.

The foldable design of this walker makes it convenient for passing narrow doors & passages and makes it easy to keep in a car for transportation.

Hand grips & knee pads are quite comfortable, making it easy for long-distance movements.

No exhaustion comes from using this scooter in comparison to crutches or walkers.

Hand brakes are convenient & helpful for any kind of situation especially while purchasing.

Should be improve

  • A brake lock would be great for stopping somewhere instead of squeezing the hand brake.
  • Price is higher in comparison to walkers or crutches out there in the market.

5. Hugo Lightweight Adjustable Aluminum Crutches

Hugo Lightweight Adjustable Aluminum Crutches

Hugo Mobility is another unique crutches for a knee injury. This one is very popular & offers a variety of sizes for everyone.

This lightweight adjustable crutch is comfortable, durable & easy to maintain. The build quality is very stable because of the anodized aluminium build material. 

As we mentioned earlier, there are three sizes available for these crutches – 

  • Best Crutches for Youth – 4’6” – 5’2” user height can use this one easily. 
  • Comfortable Crutches for Medium Adults – height of 5’2” – 5’10” users can fit this crutch perfectly.
  • Crutches for Tall Adults – 5’10” – 6’6” users are suitable for using this size. 

What’s more, there is a dual push-button adjustment system available for easy convenience. 

With Hugo Mobility crutches, you can go anywhere with confidence & these crutches have a curved stair deflector available at the tip for more safety. 

Indoor or outdoor, the Hugo lightweight aluminium crutches give solid walking support. 

Comfortable Use

Hugo Mobility crutches have thick cushioned underarm pads. That is comfortable even for a long time. With an integrated metal ring, it prevents premature rusting or wears. 

Additionally, hand grips feature natural sponge cushioning & this material absorbs impact shock while walking, also resists sweat & dampness. 

Build quality

Anodized aluminium was used as material for making Hugo Mobility crutches. This building material is lighter than wood & features sturdy & durable. Build quality is very compact & clean. 

Weight Capacity

Hugo Mobility supports up to 300 pounds of user weight & three models available for different heightened users. 


  • Hand grips are washable, which makes it easy for remaining neat & clean.
  • Dual push-button adjustments of up to 1” increments from the center tube makes perfect adjustment for users.
  • Contoured crutch tips with curved stair deflectors provide very good traction while walking.
  • The built-in metal ring protects the crutches from rusting & wearing out.
  • Pads are more comfortable than traditional rubber pads & don’t seem to wear out soon.

Should be improve

  • Hand grips are a little narrow and don’t seem to fit big palms. But it’s a rare case. 
  • Additional under-arm pads would be great. 

6. iWALK 2.0 Alternative to Crutches and Knee Scooters

iWALK 2.0

iWalk 2.0 is a great alternative to a walker or crutches for non-weight bearing. For injuries on the lower limb, broken foot, or ankle, this non-weight-bearing hands-free crutch is the perfect answer for these injuries.

Weights only 5Lbs & advantage is users don’t have to swing an injured leg between traditional crutches using this modified adoption of modern technology (iwalker 2.0).

The main advantage of iWalk 2.0 is hands-free operation. While moving around, you can easily carry several items or do other activities during your post-redhibition period. 

Better than Crutches

iWalker is the modern pegleg of the future, an alternative to walkers or crutches. What’s more, it’s safe & pain-free mobility. 

Furthermore, knee scooters & crutches have so many limitations but our iWalker 2.0 is great with functional recovery. 

Easy Maneuverability

Using iWalker is very easy. Slip your leg into this crutch & start walking. Quick-release On/Off buttons will make users more comfortable while using them. 

Moreover, it speeds up the recovery rate of the injured leg by speeding up blood flows around the injured veins. 

Build Quality

The build quality of iWalker is from ABS plastic, shell materials & comfortable pads. 

The combination was designed so that users can experience the best comfortable walking experience using this hands-free crutch. 


  • Customer support & 12 months warranty period covers manufacturing defects. They give support for technical problems too.
  • Adjusting the position of height is quite easy. The calf strap on the crutch rail’s position is quickly adjustable.
  • This mobility tool has knee padding for comfortable walking & doesn’t become sore.
  • Video instructions & a user manual provides a guide for first-time users & everyone.
  • Recommended by therapist & doctors for non-weight-bearing leg injuries. 

Should be improve

Ideal for short distances only, not suitable for long-distance travel.
Sometimes iWalker 2.0 becomes slippery when the road becomes wet, especially hardwood floors.

7. Mobilegs Ultra Crutches

One of the top-rated in Crutches for non-weight bearing is Mobilegs Ultra. These crutches provide the highest level of performance with their patient-friendly design.

Joint injury, issues with mobility, sports injury, or other leg injuries, you can rely on Mobilegs Ultra as a better alternative to traditional crutches. 

The ergonomic design makes these crutches maintain a natural wrist angle & distribute load across the palm evenly. 

Mobilegs Ultra Crutches are nowadays an entirely new standard for crutches in the market in this price range. 

Fully Adjustable

Mobilegs Ultra build design is user-friendly. From 4’9” – 6’4” height users can easily adjust the crutches with their height & arm length. 

Up to 300 lbs users can use these crutches easily & 98% of them can easily adjust to their requirements. 

Much Comfortable

The design of handle grips is much more comfortable than traditional crutches because grips are in a neutral position. 

The user can accommodate the handle angle & maintain a natural wrist angle. It fully matches with body movements & rotates in tandem. 

No Pain

The modern design of this crutch will ease underarm pain. 1 ¼” of built-in dampening will not abrade the soft tissues & maintain full contact with the body while walking. 

Surgery injured & non-weight-bearing injured users will be benefited much from Mobilegs Ultra crutches.  


  • Ergonomic handles allow a comfortable grip pair of hands, also support extra weight carrying. 
  • The comfortable underarm design allows lessening pain & will not harm soft tissues.
  • Reverse wrists & hand design in a neutral position make this crutch more beneficial for users. 
  • The adaptive Spring mechanism of Mobilegs Ultra absorbs shocks for the armpit & shoulder rests.
  • Very lightweight, easier to use & don’t need a wide base at the bottom. As a result, it is very easy to maneuver. 

Should be improve

Quite expensive than traditional crutches because of modern technology I guess.
The design is flat-looking, could be better for sure. 

How to Walk and to Go Up Stairs with Crutches Correctly

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who should use forearm crutches?

Forearm crutches are best suited for Children because forearm crutches don’t put pressure on blood vessels or nerves. Pressure on those veins under the arm could damage their nerves. 

How to use forearm crutches non weight bearing ones?

Forearm crutches are the best ones for non weight bearing ones. Because you can’t give any pressure on leg injuries. 

Using forearm crutches non-weight bearing ones is quite easy – simply forward a single crutch and take your injured leg rolling forward then move another crutch & move forward. 

Which crutches are best for Non-weight bearing?

Underarm crutches with proper hand grips are the best ones for non weight bearing injuries. The design of the crutches is very important to fully support non-weight bearing injuries.

What are the alternatives to crutches for non weight bearing?

There are some modern approaches available over traditional crutches. For Example – knee scooters, hands-free scooters & modern crutches with ergonomic designs

Knee scooters are specially designed for non-weight bearing injuries & comfort in mind. This is the modern solution for leg injuries.

How to Choose Crutches

Final Verdict

After going through the full content about the Best crutches for Non-weight-bearing, you are ready to get any of them based on your requirements. 

However, iWALK3.0 hands-free crutch is our recommendation because among those crutches this is the most modern & gives the best support without giving any pain or uneasiness during your post-rehabilitation period. 

Also, if you are searching for use on a long-term basis then go for KMINA forearm crutches, it offers the best value for money. 

Another noteworthy mention is – MobiLegs Ultra Crutches, why? Because it’s another modern designed crutches that offer almost no pain & help you do all of your necessary work at ease. 

Hope your rehabilitation time goes well & Good LUCk with yOuR RecoVerY!

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