When Shaving a Male Patient’s Face it is Important to?

Nothing can make males more happy and confident than starting their single day with a nice and smooth shave. But shaving can become a difficult thing to do at old age. Due to poor health and old age, when men lose their talent, it could be heartbreaking since they are more likely to hurt themselves. 

when shaving a male patient's face it is important to?
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What do Hospitals Use to Shave Patients?

A hospital should follow some important guidelines before shaving male patients. First of all, before shaving, the nurse should question her patients about their shaving habits and follow their patient’s routine as close as possible. 

Shaving is considered an intimate act of grooming before shaving a male patient. Therefore, it is always important to allow that male patient to do shaving by himself only if he can do that. If he can do the shaving, you can wish to help him to do it perfectly. 

How to Shave an Older Man With an Electric Razor?

Usually, the shaving routine and shaving preferences of a male may vary as they get older. So before you shave an elderly man, you should ask him whether he has any problem with being shaved in a certain way.

All of the following supplies and equipment should be gathered before shaving a male patient 

  • Towels
  • Washcloth 
  • Basin and hot water
  • Shaving Gel or cream
  • Razor (safety)
  • Soap
  • Aftershave cream or lotion
  • Mirror

After collecting all of these necessary, you have to make sure that the room is well lighted so that you and the male patient can see well. After that, you can sit you, patient, in a chair or bed. But if the patient is disabled, then he can be shaven while lying down. Usually, hospitals do all of the followings procedure for shaving patients.

Procedure for Shaving a Patients

  • First of all, soaked the face cloth and extracted excess moisture. After that, apply that to the facial hair.
  • Apply cream all over the facial hair. You can also try shaving with baby oil because the oil will moisturize body skin, and the shaving razor will also glide better. In addition, you should use good shaving cream that will help heal the skin better and faster. You also do not get itchy afterward. 
  • According to the direction of hair growth, you should shave the beard on the upper lip and cheeks. But on the neck, you should shave the beard opposite direction of the hair growth. 
  • After that, wash out extra shaving cream.
  • Wash the patient’s face with clean water.
  • To prevent any bleeding, always try to use an electric razor on patients.  
  • Try to use rechargeable shavers and safety razors for those patients who are receiving oxygen therapy. And before shaving patients who may have hemophilia and who had facial surgery, try to consult with the charge nurse.
  • Patients who are suicidal or combative should have supervision while shaving.  
  • Always pull the skin taut and put the electric razor on. After switch on the electric razor, you should rest it on the skin and make a circle. Don’t worry if the skin fold. The razor is safe. If the skin is taut, you can shave smoothly. Although, it may take time to properly complete the shaving. 

Do Old People Need to Shave?

It varies from person to person preference. On the other hand, as we get older, our bodies produced less hair. That means you might need to shave less at old age. 

If you like smooth skin that feels and looks great, you can continue your shaving according to your routine. 

However, if you are going bald, then you may have options. You may trim it short and can shave your head clean. 

Safety Tips for Shaving Man Patients

Before shaving an old man, be aware of some basic safety tips that will be safe for your patients

  • Ensure that the electric shaver is in good condition and its cord is not cracked or torn. 
  • With an electric shaver, don’t use any wet washcloth
  • Make sure that the razor blade is rust-free, clean, and sharp. If necessary, before starting shaving, you can apply a dab of alcohol on the razor blade. 
  • Don’t use the same razor blade with other patients
  • Don’t put direct light onto the man’s eyes.

Hopefully, my discussion helps you a lot to get the perfect answer of “when shaving a male patient’s face it is important to?” If you have anything to share with us, please feel free to share your opinion in the comment section below. 

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