Retirement in France – The best place to retire in 2022

Retirement in France there has much to offer – the culture, the modest cost of village living, the excellent health care system, it’s a magnet for the grandchildren to visit (and it’s not too far).

France may only be 80% the size of Texas, but that’s still pretty big.  It offers a diverse range of climates and lifestyles, and should definitely be an option if you’re planning to relocate anywhere when you retire.

retirement in france
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If you’re looking for a stimulating retirement, you won’t find better.

It ticks all the boxes for the basics of a successful retirement

  • your health – if you’ve got good genes, you can expect to live for many years yet.  In any event, the universal health coverage is for vastly superior to back home.
  • family & friends – the family will be motivated to visit Europe click here for and if you choose a region where there are already many ex-pats, you’ll easily make new friends.
  • ideal location – you can select from rural bliss, the beach, the mountains, a perpetual summer or the whole four seasons. Retired travel never came better.
  • your finances – don’t sell your family home! Instead use the rent to cover all of your expenses in a historic, low-cost village
  • your zest for living – what can I say.  France is so very, very different, at every level: you’ll wake up every morning in wonderment.

FRANCE Retirement village options are everywhere: historic, charming, authentic and rustic

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Retirement in FRANCE dreams meet with reality

Of course, if you plan to retire anywhere overseas, you need to do extensive research.

For Americans moving to FRANCE retirement starts with getting all the paperwork together.

It’s a cultural shock to discover that the French – like most nation-states – love their paperwork.  From the outset, when you first apply for a visa, the list of documents that must be printed, photocopied, scanned, translated, certified, attested is a surprise.  (Actually, applying for a retirement visa for France is not too different from applying to visit any other country, it’s just that so few Americans travel internationally that it’s not a common experience for us).

And then, of course, you have to visit your nearest consulate for a personal interview.  Which is your closest?   You can choose from Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New Orleans, or New York

Then, when you arrive, you’ll find that you have to have a bank account to get a cell phone, and of course, you have to have a cell phone to rent an apartment, and naturally, you need an apartment to get a bank account and a cell phone.  Or so it seems.

The solution, of course, is to have a local negotiate the rules for you, although you may need to pay your rent for six months in advance.  (The explanation for the latter is that it’s so hard to evict a tenant, a landlord will always be looking for someone financially secure – and six months rent up-front appears to be the dividing line between whether you are deemed to be financially secure or otherwise).

Image by Pierre Blaché from Pixabay

Similarly, there are rules about getting a driver’s license.  You can drive for twelve months on your US license, after which you’ll have to pass the test.  However, if you currently live in any of Delaware – Maryland – Ohio – Pennsylvania – Virginia – South Carolina – Massachusetts – New Hampshire – Illinois – Iowa – Michigan – Wisconsin – Arkansas – Oklahoma – Texas – Colorado – Florida – or Connecticut, then you can just exchange one for the other, without taking the test.

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