Best Retirement Plans 2022 (Retirement Survival Guide)

Have you – just recently – realized that you’re going to need extra income?

Do you wonder what to do with yourself once the routine of daily work ends?

Do you fear the aging process and how you are going to keep healthy as you get older?

Then this eBook “Creative Retirement Planning” is perfect for both yourself and for close family.

Creative Retirement Planning by Bernard Kelly Book Cover

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Many people don’t think about planning for their retirement until it is almost too late, but as you’re here, already exploring your options, you are well ahead of your peers. Congratulations!  this  eBook will help you to plan for the four most important aspects for a happy and successful retirement:

Your health

Your finances

Your family and friends

Your zest for living

Based on 30 years of working with private clients as they plan for 20-25 years of a comfortable retirement, and full of personal anecdotes, my book is a unique and highly individual approach to planning successfully for those years beyond age 65.

Don’t leave it too late as this reader did. . . .

“Unfortunately I’ve never planned for retirement and will probably work for the rest of my life because of that fact. A huge mistake as most of my friends was much smarter than I and are now living comfortably and enjoying their retirement.”

Download complete retirement living guide and it will help you:

Create a new lifestyle for yourself

Plan for optimum health and well-being

Generate extra income

Discover new hobbies

Find places to travel or settle in retirement

The author (Bernard Kelly – writer of this website) has been advising people on making profitable investments and other ways to make additional income for their future for his entire career.  You can read more about Bernard Kelly here.

Best retirement plans 2020 & Some of the useful contents of retirement:

Ways To Make Extra Money

Turning Hobbies into Income

Career Change Advice

Investing For Retirement

Successful Internet Business Ideas

Retirement Planning Guide Worksheet

Where to find the best information for staying healthy

How to Maintain Your Zest for Living

How to Retire Abroad

Top Ten Travel Destinations for Retirees

How to Maintain your Independence

These are just some of the topics you will find in 24 absorbing chapters of this comprehensive guide to all aspects of retirement planning.

You can download a retirement survival guide in minutes and be reading it in our easy to download pdf format.

This is a textbook about the preparations you can make to ensure that you’ll enjoy your next 25-30 years in comfort – it’s a practical how-to manual based on the author’s involvement in the arena of “lifestyle retirement planning” over the past three decades.

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