Low stress jobs after retirement Ideas

Permanent Jobs for Senior Citizens are really hard to find. I’m writing here about low-stress jobs after retirement and how to find the easiest jobs for you. Let’s have a look.

Best low-stress jobs after retirement

There is a myth about Low-stress Jobs After Retirement – the myth is that they actually exist because they are so hard to find. Unfortunately, the reality is that they are not very common.

And for two principal reasons. The first is that the cost of workers’ insurance premiums (paid for by the boss in case of an injury at work) rises steeply for employees aged 70 and above.

best low stress jobs after retirement
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The second is that – as we age – we are simply not as physically active as someone younger. And that someone younger is typically on the same pay scale.

Consequently, there are financial penalties for a business to employ seniors. This is why traditional jobs for seniors don’t exist.

And the reason why jobs for senior citizens don’t exist in the “new economy” is the lack of appropriate training and expertise. The vast majority of jobs in the new economy that are comparable to factory employment relate to software coding.

The entrepreneurs in the new economy call in system designers and engineers, who in turn employ teams of back-room coders.  This is where the jobs are today, but seniors typically don’t have the education to build code.

Self-employed professionals can continue working indefinitely

The Solution to the over 50 employment crisis

The solution to the lack of full-time paid over 50 employment is to radically rethink your options for a career change after 50.   However, if that is not possible, then try to apply some thinking towards a long-term solution with some retirement business ideas.

If you are actually retired from your career job, then the solution is usually part-time and casual retiree employment. However, your own micro business is far better – for both financial and health outcomes.

There are examples in extra income magazines and from work-from-home sites.

low stress jobs after retirement
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Another myth – volunteer jobs aren’t available “to give back”

Journalists often write articles about how retirees can “give back to society” by taking a volunteer role in a non-profit or charity organization.

But once again, it is a myth that such jobs for senior citizens actually do exist.

Yes, of course, there are volunteer positions in some very large non-profits or charities, but they are just grunting jobs – they aren’t executive-type jobs, where you can make decisions.

They will need you to be a marshal at a charity fun run, or you can work in a thrift shop. But you won’t be able to “give back to society” in those roles.

The reason is that most non-profits and charities are too small. Around 40% don’t even have even one paid employee, and the next 50% have a financial turnover of less than $10 million. 

But even the biggest of these only have a handful of paid staff. Larger nonprofits and charities are generally hospitals and educational institutions, and they don’t offer decision-making roles to volunteers.

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jobs for seniors and retirees

What is the solution if jobs for senior citizens don’t exist?

There are indeed some jobs after retirement, but you have to be willing to create them for yourself.

However there is a solution – become an entrepreneur, and create your own business. The most common, and safest, is to launch your new business based on your previous career. 

You know the language, you know the issues, you know the solutions, and you know firms willing to pay you to solve those issues. It’s a consultant’s heaven.

It doesn’t have to “employ” anyone other than yourself, so an alternative retirement income strategy would be to create a “profitable hobby”.

The vast majority of retirees need an extra source of income, but as I’ve said above, the business sector rarely offers jobs for senior citizens. 

Even if you offered yourself as a volunteer (perhaps because you wanted the mental stimulation that is available in business) you’ll find the door is closed there too.

After decades of working as a family counsellor in the field of practical retirement lifestyle planning, which included many sessions on retiree employment, as an alternative to my client’s lack of ability to find permanent, full-time paid work, I wrote a manual “37 Case Studies of Profitable Hobbies”. 

This is still available and you can obtain it here.

You can operate a profitable online business as a solopreneur for many years

What exactly is an online business?

An online business puts you between a vendor and a purchaser. In essence, it’s really no different from having a physical store.

To be successful, you need to attract “customers” to your shop.

And the way to do that is to write articles about a topic that you’re passionate about and load it up with keywords that your customers are using to find a particular service or product.

Personally, I use the system available from Sitesell.

The Bottom Line: If the business sector doesn’t offer jobs for senior citizens, then you’ll have to create a job for yourself.

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