Fun retirement jobs that pay a small fortune for Seniors

Retirement is one of the most significant life changes you will ever make. Are you already reached retirement age and searching for “fun retirement jobs that pay a small fortune?” Please join the conversation to be the happiest retirees before reaching the desired retirement date and knowing where to find casual jobs.

12 Best Fun retirement jobs that pay a small fortune

Before considering different job options after your retirement, you should keep back in mind that self-employment is the best option for giving you the power over your retirement job.

To crave the best job that you had before retirement, you must consider some variations. At first, you should consider which of your favourite activity and skills can be turned into your job.

Fun retirement jobs that pay a small fortune
Fun retirPhoto by Marcus Aurelius from Pexels

You may also consider something that you always wanted to try. However, it would be best if you did not forget to consider what gives you the most satisfaction. The list is endless for you, but you have to fix one item. 

Woefully, many of you wait for retirement until the last minute. Usually, after retirement, people depend on the money that they saved during their working years. However, it would help if you started thinking about your retirement well before your retirement for successful retirement life.

In this article, I will discuss how you can generate retirement income from savings and about retirement job ideas.

Here I list the “top 10 best retirement fun jobs” that pay well. Please take a look

1. Photography

If you are interested in photography, it will be an excellent opportunity for you to make money from your hobbies. There have different ways to monetize your photography. For example, there is some famous website that provides different photos to users over the web.

By opening an account on their site, you can quickly sell your photos to different potential clients. Photography is known as a fun part-time job for retirees.

There is the name of some major websites where you can open your account.

  • Flickr
  • Shutter stock
  • Camera Jabber
  • Digital Camera World
  • British Journal of Photography
  • Digital Photography Review
  • DIY Photography
  • Cambridge in Colour
  • Fstoppers
  • iPhone Photography School
  • Photography Life
  • Photography Week
  • PetaPixel
  • The Spruce: Photography
  • The Photo Argus
  • Strobist

All of these websites of photography will help you develop your skills behind the lens. You will also boost your camera’s different activities. That will inspire your photography ability.

Moreover, you can sell your photos at a discount rate to professional photographers. So as you gain more experience day by day, you will get more clients, increasing your rates and income.

2. Agro-Forestry Investment

For retirement income sources, agroforestry investment would be your long-term investment option. In many countries, it is a trendy investment after retirement. You can choose “Tissue culture timber trees” because these are fast-growing, high-quality, and high-yielding trees.

Returns from this investment are best. You could get 7x times to return from your investment within 10 years. This investment is secure after retirement because forests keep growing and year after year, trees potentially increase their value. It is one of the best low-stress income sources for retirement people.

3. YouTube video maker

Did you know that you can easily earn thousands of dollars in a month? Already on this platform, many younger video bloggers have become famous, but there is a gap in the market between older women and men. Before opening your channel, you should learn everything about YouTube video blogging.

And you also should check out YouTube’s official guidelines. You Tubing is considering jobs that pay well and are fun.

4. Blogging

Blogging has become a hobby for people because many young people do blogging as their part-time income source.

People are able to earn incredible amounts of money. So, why don’t you try blogging? It becomes a low-stress income source for you. But keep it in your mind that you cannot make money overnight. Obviously, blogging requires a lot of compatible dedication. Before starting blogging, you should have knowledge about the “benefits of blogging.”

5. Writing

There are lots of possibilities for writing. Writing is a very common casual job for seniors. You can do writing as an article writer, blogging, freelancer, script writing, and book writer. If you have good skills in writing, you should sign up for different sites like or, where you can easily offer your writing service for open bidding.

Writing is the best option as a good casual job because it will help you to keep your mind active at the age of 60, 70, and 80. The exceptional thing about writing is that it will improve your skills as well as your mind.

6. Web Design

If you have knowledge about web design and you are creative, you can easily create or upgrade websites for people in business purposes. At first, you can start your web design business by working for your family and friends, because they can suggest to you where you should develop your skills. Web designing is considered one of the best retirement jobs that pay well. 

7. Public Speaking

Public speaking would be a lucrative opportunity for you if you really like to speak publicly. In the business sector, people need who can speak o groups publicly or introduce products. In the digital sector, there also have lots of opportunities. For instance, there has a great chance of working as a speaker for videos. It is considered one of the best retirement jobs for seniors.

8. Food Business

If you like to eat food and cook something special for your close one? If yes, then don’t waste your time opening your own food page and groups on social media because you can easily make money in your retirement by baking, catering, and cooking.

You can also make the video for your own YouTube channel. You could also take part in different TV cooking programs. So, cooking could be your fun casual job. After becoming a success in the online food business, you can easily set up your own restaurant business. And this business will continue by your next generation. T would be a great income source for your whole family. 

9. Sell Handmade Products

By making different homemade products, you can easily earn a large amount after retirement. You can do a contract with the supermarket owner for your products and also can sell them directly to the clients online.

10. Video Editing

Nowadays, there has a huge demand for video content. So, if you love creating videos and editing them, you can turn your hobby into your income source after retirement.

You can help other people with video editing. For example, you can open a coaching centre for video editing. You can take an online teaching course for video editing.

11. Pet Service/Business

There are lots of ways to make money from pets. If you are a pet lover, you can easily choose a pet for your retirement income. The most common pet services are pet sitting and dog walking. Usually, both of these services are provided at the customer’s own home.

But if you have a big home, you may provide these services from your own home.

You can also grow your business with birds, reptiles, chickens, etc.

12. Gardening hobbies that make money

You may have earned from different retirement hobbies. Such as gardening.

All of these considerations a fun jobs for retirees. It would be a great job for 60-year-olds with no experience.

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Some other famous retirement job ideas that make money

It will really help you to make money after your retirement.

  • Rent your space, car, gadget, etc.
  • Try freelance.
  •  Become a yoga instructor
  • Try on-demand ride sharing
  • Teach at a senior centre
  •  Could be a mentor for teens
  •  Do graphic design
  •  Engage with furniture refurbishing
  •  Start event planning
  • Publish your book
  • Open a consulting centre
  • Music teaching
  • Garden consulting
  • Take an online cooking class
  • Be a party planner

How much money can you earn after you reach full retirement age?

Usually, earning amount at full retirement age depends on the earning power of your at age 60 to 70. It would be a great question if you ask what would happen to my retirement income if I continue work after retirement.

For instance, if you work while you are collecting social security, up until the year of your full retirement age, they may deduct $1 from your benefit payment for every $2 you earn above the annual limit. But for 2021, that limit is approximately $18,240. Also, if you earn above your portal, your social security benefits may be subject to income tax.

However, there is no practical limit that exists if you are willing to work.

How much can you earn while on social security at age 70?

For a meaningful answer to this question, different variables are needed to be considered.

For example, your age, health condition, ability, willingness, happiness, and whether the earnings will come from investment or work or some other means.

If you choose long-term investment after retirement, your retirement income may vary according to the investment risk. So, the amount of income after retirement varies according to your job/work selection and the person’s working ability.

Does working after the full retirement age increase social security benefits?

Your benefit may increase 2/3 of one % for each month. You cannot claim that your social security past your full retirement age through 60 to 70 years old, although this applies to whether you work. Your benefit may increase with your average indexed monthly earnings from your top 35 years.

How much does social security increase each year after 62?

The growing amount of your social security depends on your full retirement age because it will calculate as several months until you reach it. The less you get, the more months 62 is before FRA. Roughly it is increased by 8% per year. After you reach age 62, it will increase by a set amount each month until you reach age 70. After 70 years old, it will stop increasing and will not provide any additional benefit for you.

How to make money at 80 years old? Or How to make money at age 70? 

According to your health and working abilities, you may or may not earn at age 70 to 80. But, honestly, I have to tell you that it is more difficult to do work at age 80 than at 70.

If you have a good health condition and have a driving license in good standing, you may have endless driving jobs. You start with Uber, parcel delivery, ride-sharing, school bus, company bus, etc.

For part-time work, Walmart is a good bet. However, you can also do small local independent business-like clothing stores, toys stores, book stores, second-hand stores, etc.

Hopefully, after reading our article, you already get a clear idea about what you should do next. All of these fun retirement jobs will be one of your successful income sources after your retirement.

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However, to ensure you’re after retirement income source, you should also make sure to have the right medical emergency plan. And at the age of your retirement, you should also organize all of your property paper and other important documents.

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